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 English conditions

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Royal events
Royal events

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MessageSujet: English conditions   English conditions EmptyJeu 2 Mai - 2:40

Terms and conditions:

Everyone who attends an event organized by Royal Events will accept those terms and conditions.

1 -Access to the event/pass:

To access the event, it is obligatory to have a pass.

-Seats will be attributed according to the date of your purchase.

-Passes are nominative. It will be then impossible to change the name on your pass, unless Royal Events agrees.

-Participants who are underage must provide a parental permission and must be accompanied by an adult mentioned in the permission. Without it, you will not be allowed to attend the event.

-For minors between the age of 16 and 18, a permission slip will be enough to attend the event without being accompanied by an adult.

-For pass group purchases, only the person who paid will be able to pick up the passes. You will then be asked to show your purchase order as well as an ID for all participants. However, the buyer will be able to give permission to the other participants to pick up their passes in case he/she is absent by sending an email to Royal Events beforehand.

-No passes will be sent by post. They will be given to you personally the day before or on the day of the event. To pick them up, you will have to show an ID as well as your nominative purchase order.

-After you pick up your badge, you will be required to wear it during the whole of the event. Any ROYAL EVENTS staff member will be allowed to ask for it.

-If do not want or cannot show you badge, Royal Events reserves the right to immediately expel you from the event and without any repayment.

-Passes will be refundable only if the event is entirely cancelled. Moreover, no pass or extras resale will be allowed without the permission of Royal Events.

-If you’re unable to go to one of the events, Royal Events will by no means be held responsible (even if you hold a pass) and no refund will be possible.

-Food, accommodation, transport and others will be entirely payable by you. It will be impossible to get a refund to Royal Events in case of a modification in dates or if an event is cancelled.

-The refund of passes and extras will only be possible if the event is entirely cancelled.

2 – Extras:

Only pass holders will be able to buy extras.

-Autographs can only be signed on official supports (supports sold by us, magazines, DVDs…), on personal pictures or on blank paper.

-For the “VIP lunch” extra, transportation will be assured by Royal Events. Thus, a parental permission will be required for underage participants.

-You will be given your photoshoot pictures the day of the event.

-It will be possible to offer gifts to guests ONLY during autograph sessions. Please consider that guests travel by plane so it is advised not to offer anything too big or too heavy (guests are liable to refuse a gift that is too big, too heavy or inappropriate).

-If you want to be with another person during a photoshoot (with one or two actors), each pass holder will be required to buy the corresponding extra.

-Group photoshoots are valid for one or two persons (on the same photo)

3 – Convention Progress:

-For autograph sessions or photoshoots, you will be called by small groups. Royal Events will not be held responsible if you miss any autograph session or photoshoot.

-Taking photos will only be allowed during conferences but will be forbidden during autograph sessions, photoshoots, meetings…

-Flash photography will only be allowed for a few minutes during the conferences.

-Taking videos will be strictly forbidden during the event. A camera crew will be here to immortalize the best moments.

-The recording of sound is forbidden during the event.

-Royal Events will not be held responsible in case of any loss or theft on the premises of the event.

4 – Modifications/Cancellations:

-Royal Events reserves the right to modify the event (place, date…) in case of unplanned circumstances (your pass will automatically be reported to the other date or place).

-Guests invited by Royal Events come to France under a contract. Actors can report or cancel their presence in case of a professional commitment or in case of absolute necessity. The event may then be postponed or the guest replaced. In case of a guest cancellation, no refund will be however possible. Extras will be modifiable for another guest according to availability.

-PASS and EXTRAS refunds will only be possible if the event is entirely cancelled.

5 – Payment/Other:

We accept 4 different ways of payment:

-Payment via Paypal
-Payment on advance (money transfer)
-Payment with a bill (money order)
Payment in several installments will only be possible for the VIP, Red Coat, A-team and BetrAyer passes and will only be made by money transfer, money order or check.

-For a payment via Paypal: When ordering, select the “Paypal” payment option and pay directly via their website.

-To pay per check: when you order, please select the “Check” (chèque) payment option. An email will then be sent to you in the next 48 hours to give you all the necessary information. The order will only be confirmed once the check is received.

-To pay via money transfer: when you order, please select the “money transfer” (virement bancaire) option. An email will then be sent to you in the next 48 hours to give you all the necessary information for the transfer. The order will only be confirmed once the transfer is received.

-To pay via money order: when your order, please select the “money order” (sur facture) option. An email will then be sent to you in the next 48 hours to give you all the necessary information for the money order. The order will only be confirmed once the payment is received.

-Every buyer will receive an email shortly after the orderwith a nominative ticket to print in order to access the convention.

Possibility to pay in several installments:

VIP pass in 4 times (325€ a month during 4 months)
Red Coat pass in 3 times (165€ a month during 3 months)
A team pass in 3 times (130€ for the first month, 120€ for the second and third month)
BetrAyer pass in two times (120€ a month during two months)

If case you stop paying, the first installments will NOT be refunded.

-When you order, you’ll be granted a 7-day limit to cancel your purchase (only for passes). After this limit, no refund will be possible.

-By accepting our conditions, you allow Royal Events to use your image (only during the event) for photos or videos.

-We reserve the right to modify those terms and conditions at any moment.
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English conditions
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